Silver Hair Dye

Herbal Hair Dye

Herbal hair dyes have been around for centuries, they are natural and a lot more kind to the hair then those dyes used in salons and in home kits that include damaging bleach and peroxide.

Herbal hair dyes can be applied at home but it is advisable that someone assists with this process as it can be tricky and after all an even coverage is essential.

Herbal hair dye come in various colours and shades. Herbal hair dyes are a natural way to add m0re depth and shine without drying or damaging hair like normal colorants.

Whether you want the dye to add depth or a subtle nuance to your existing colour, or to change your hair colour altogether, herbal hair dyes do the job without damaging your natural hair structure. Herbal hair dyes can strengthen condition and make your hair more glossy, some colours and hints of red and golden to make the finish look two toned and rich.

Herbal hair dyes do not contain chemicals, this means that they cannot radically change in your hair colour – white hair cannot become a dark colour. You cannot lighten your hair with natural dyes.
How to apply herbal hair dye?

Once the hair dye is ready to apply section the hair in to a cross and apply to the roots first insuring all hair is covered evenly.

After the recommended times apply the remaining colour throughout the hair down to the ends insuring all is evenly covered. Leave on for the correct amount of time and rinse off.

To insure your colour lasts as long as possible apply a colour conditioner to close the cuticles and to stop colour fade.

To avoid further colour fade try to use a heat protector on hot days and before using hair dryers, straightness and curling tongs.

Use a conditioning treatment and insure hair stays in a good condition with regular trims and conditioning treatments.