Silver Hair Dye

Silver Hair Dye

Silver Hair Dye

Silver hair dye has become increasingly popular as it gives a natural shine and all over clean colour that looks natural.

Silver hair dyes can be purchased as a home kit or more popular used in salons and by mobile hair dresses.

If you are around 50% gray and want to give up on the hustle and bustle of constant dying and treatments that are drying and costly then go to a salon and go a all over silver finish. A silver hair dye can make hair look healthily and a lot more presentable than a person with unsightly grey roots showing every two weeks.

Silver hair dye is very popular with women and men over 60. Going all over silver ay be a big decision so think about it seriously. As with all colours even permanent, if you decide to change your mind it is not impossible to have it changed in a salon straight away.

Salons are a great place to get the right shade to suit your desired look. Permanent or semi permanent can be applied all over the hair to create a natural even finish.

Home kits are cheaper to buy but be careful to get a shade that will colour all hair. At home it is best if someone else can apply it for you to insure the coverage is even and applied as instructed.

At the salon the colourist will give a consultation and help you decide on a shade and style that best suits your face shape and preference. The benefit to a salon silver hair dye is that not only will the result be even they will also advise on aftercare and also have products such as silver shampoos on sales to maintain a nice shine and texture to your new colour.